Do you accept insurance?

I do accept insurance. I charge a flat fee for complete prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. I work with a professional biller to get maximum coverage for you. The amount that you can expect insurance to cover varies with each plan and insurance provider. I also work with health sharing ministries such as Liberty Health Shares and Samaritan Ministries. At this time, I am not able to accept Medi-Cal.

If you have Medi-Cal, I am sometimes able to offer a reduced fee. We work out an individualized payment plan.

What if I have to go the hospital?

Unless it's a true emergency (which is rare), the decision to go to the hospital is made collaboratively. There's time for me to share my concerns and for you to ask questions. If we do go to the hospital, I call ahead, bring your records, and accompany you. Bay Area hospitals are used to receiving home birth transports and the reception is almost always warm and friendly. I stay with you throughout the process, help you navigate choices as they come, and continue to provide labor support and postpartum care. 

Do you do waterbirth?

Yes! I own inflatable birth tubs that I lend to clients without charge. Most people in labor enjoy getting in the birth tub at some point, whether they end up choosing to birth on land or in water. It's a great tool for pain relief. 

Who has home births?

All kinds of people! My past clients and their partners come from all walks of life. Their occupations include filmmaker, architect, nanny, attorney, legal assistant, teacher, music teacher, landscaper, pre-school teacher, nurse practitioner, software developer, stay at home parent, retail worker, painter, acupuncturist, engineer, designer, dance teacher, chiropractor, millwright, neurosurgeon, nurse midwife, archaeologist, and therapist. 


Do you do hybrid care? Or monitrice births? What does that mean?

Yes, I do both, and they are basically the same thing. Some people who birth in the hospital would still like midwifery care in the prenatal, postpartum, and as labor support. Whether that's because you have a higher risk pregnancy or just feel more comfortable birthing in the hospital, you can still have the holistic care of a midwife. 

As a monitrice for the birth, I act as sort of hybrid between doula and midwife; I provide midwifery care (such as monitoring vitals and heart tone checks) during labor at home and then stay with you as a doula upon arrival at the hospital.

Do you do VBAC?

I do support families planning a homebirth after cesarean section.

With a few extra precautions, such as careful monitoring in labor and an ultrasound to make sure the placenta is not located over the scar, VBAC is safe to attempt at home. I also verify that you had a low, transverse incision (most common), which has the least risk of rupture.

What about siblings and pets?

It's always a delight when the whole family is there to welcome the new baby. Some people can't relax with their toddler looking on, for others, having their older child or children with them is a comfort and joy.

Why Routine Prenatal Office Visits?

The life of a midwife means being on call 24/7, ready to miss important personal and family events for your care. In return, I appreciate the ease that comes with prenatal office appointments. They allow me to consolidate visits and therefore have much more time to be responsive to your urgent medical needs, stay up to date with research and skills, administrate my practice, and take care of myself and my own family. When you need me, I will be there for you.

How do we find community?

I belong to the Bay Area Homebirth Collective, which periodically hosts events for clients of member midwives. The collective organizes a free postpartum group which meets every Friday.