Home Birth

If I could stop strangers on the street to tell them how amazing my midwifery care with June Moon was, I would. And that means a lot coming from me, because I was a professional birth doula for almost a decade,
— Rebecca

prenatal CAre

Appointments are every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and every week until the birth. They last about an hour and include:

  • Blood pressure

  • Belly checks

  • Labs

  • Ultrasound orders

  • Help navigating decision making around testing, newborn care, and other options

  • Holistic counseling around diet, sleep, and exercise

  • Planning and strategizing for the postpartum

  • Time to discuss your hopes and fears for the pregnancy, birth and parenting

  • Available around the clock for more visits as needed, and to answer your questions

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The safety of home birth comes in part from the strong relationship between midwife and client, based in trust, respect and open communication. As your midwives, we provide care founded on clinical skill and knowledge of current research and best practices. Abundant research shows that for low-risk pregnancies, birthing at home with midwives is a safe option.

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after your birth

We follow you and your well newborn until six weeks postpartum as primary care providers. If there is a need for your baby to see another provider in that time, we will facilitate consultation.

  • Postpartum care for three to six hours after the birth.

  • We don’t leave the birth until everyone is stable and tucked into bed, ready to take your first nap as a new family

  • Visits the next day (Day 1), Day 3, Day 5-7 and at two, four and six weeks

  • As IBCLCs, we are committed to fully supporting the nursing relationship if you choose

  • Monitor your baby’s growth and development

  • Follow your physical healing (bleeding, uterine involution, vital signs, perineal healing, etc)

  • Help you get the support you need logistically and emotionally

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Evidence-Based informed choice

We collaborate with you on building towards a healthy pregnancy, empowered birth and thriving family.

We value the ability of clients to nurture their pregnancies and make choices for themselves and their babies. We strive to offer care rooted in shared decision making, informed choice, and empowerment of the birthing family. (See more from MANA and NACPM)

I had such a beautiful pregnancy and birth! Renée gave me confidence in my motherhood. Each visit was so thorough, detailed and filled with compassion, care and love.
— Cassandra