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I have only wonderful, positive things to say about my experience with Renee as my midwife. She attended me during the birth of my second, and it was so beautiful and exactly what I had hoped for! I loved our appointments; Renee really takes time to talk about anything and everything... she wants to understand and take care of you as a whole person. I loved that. I felt like I finally understood the meaning of the word 'caregiver' when Renee was my midwife. She truly took care of me on so many levels. She answered texts promptly, and would check in frequently. I was in control of my care, and Renee was always supportive of my choices. 

Birth was beautiful; Renee exudes the precise type of calm and steady strength that I want in a midwife, and I loved having her there. She is so respectful of the sacred birth space, and making sure that it was exactly what *I* wanted it to be. She is very non-egotistical about her skills, and I appreciate that. Renee empowered me to make great decisions that I felt comfortable with, and supported me every step of the way.

I could gush forever, but I just adore Renee, and if I have another baby in the Bay area, she will be my midwife, no question!



The birth of my daughter was a beautiful, stress free experience in large part thanks to Renee. As our monitrice, Renee helped me labor at home for as long as I was comfortable and really made the transition into the hospital seamless. Her calm, confident and soothing presence was always felt but never too intrusive. When the hospital nurse struggled to find the fetal heartbeat and overall showed a general lack of experience with the hospital equipment my husband and I were able to stay calm and relaxed throughout with the help of Renee’s checks and reassurance that all was well. Little things, such as turning the lights back down after the hospital staff left, encouraging appropriate snacks to keep my strength up or providing a comforting and encouraging word, seemed second nature to Renee but made a world of difference to me and my birth experience. I can’t recommend her services enough!



Our experience with the June Moon was wonderful.  If you are looking for warm-yet-competent care for your home birth, look no further. Covering all the medical details with professionalism, while offering a gentle and relaxing environment for both mom and baby... the perfect combo in our book!



I gave birth to my 4th baby at my home with the help of Renee and Ellen. Both of them are excellent midwives! Their knowledge of the body and birthing process is incredible and their emotional connection was wonderful. I felt heard at every appointment, no matter what questions I had or feelings I wanted to discuss. They allowed me to make all of my own choices without ever pressuring me. During the labor we discovered that my baby must have been posterior and they consulted with each other outside before suggesting things to help baby turn. I chose to follow their advice and my baby turned almost immediately. It was amazing and I'm so grateful for their knowledge, advice and calming presence.

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Yesterday my son Wren and I had our final postpartum visit with Renee and Ellen, and I am sadly confident I will never have health care providers this loving, thoughtful, and generous again in my life. The prenatal and post-partum care is phenomenal and both birth experiences were empowering and beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't imagine better care.


Throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum I felt cared for, supported, and listened too. Ellen and Renee offer well informed, responsive, loving care. They answered all of my many questions, and provided us with information to help us make all the decisions surrounding birth in a supportive, judgment free environment. I highly recommend having this strong partnership on your pregnancy team.